Sprawling across 25 beautifully landscaped acres, this truly magnificent haven pampers guests you with Super Deluxe Five Star luxuries and facilities that have been designed to match international standards in all aspects.


From providing a venue for weddings or other occasions and rooms for your guests to stay to make sure that you host a most fabulous wedding or other celebration – one that is better than your dreams – we provide every aid that you require with flawless services. What makes us the first choice in Ludhiana for a grand wedding and even for other occasions is the fact that we not only arrange for you on time everything that you need but also introduce our own additions in agreement with you so as to enhance the quality of the occasion a hundredfold. We will decorate and style the celebratory event so as to suit your tastes and the theme, which is why we are open to a myriad number of ways of customizing the venue and readily welcome new ideas.

We have chefs who are highly experienced in a variety of cuisines and hence you would not need to worry about the food. We can also arrange entertainments as per your needs to make the day even more memorable. Your guests are sure to be impressed because we take care of the event on a personal level.

The art of providing a transcendental experience for a celestial ceremony is a creation that we strongly believe in.

Nirvana wedding resorts in Ludhiana come with an advantage of limitless creativity and foresight to guide and assist you in turning your dreams into reality. Our team of professionals brings you immeasurable experience in staging Great Indian Weddings & making your special moment an unforgettable celebration in a banquet hall in Ludhiana.


  • Destination Weddings & Guest Management
  • Logistics Planning
  • Invitations & RSVP
  • Travel Boarding & Lodging
  • Excursion Activities
  • Guest Communication
  • Thematic Wedding Conceptualisation, Planning & Budget Development
  • Wedding Concept/Theme Creation
  • Budget Development
  • Timeline Determination
  • Merchant Selection
  • Catering & Bar Concepts
  • Wedding Stationery
  • Entertainment & Artiste Management
  • Trousseau
  • Pyrotechnics
Banquet Theatre Classroom U Shape Boardroom Cluster Area
Grand Ball Room 600 750 350 300 275 350 18500
Ball Room 400 650 300 200 225 300 10500
Pool View 80 100 60 50 50 80 2280
Card Room 50 60 35 30 35 35 1060
Kitty Hall 30 30 20 20 25 25 740