Gourmet Dining

Spice Route’ is an acclaimed restaurant in the town for its delectable multi-national cuisines and mouth-watering taste, all presented with utmost care, style and professionalism. Cooked most hygienically adhering international cooking standards, it takes good care of guests’ special choices. Dining spaces provide an excellent outside view. You can enjoy live fold music and dance performance over dinner while you cherish every moment of your dining experience.

‘Mystique’ offers a unique cool and romantic setting for outside dining. Expansive green lawns and flowers, big pool with sparkling blue water, pampering serving staff all adorn your pool side out-door experience, one that is surely unforgettable!

‘Dovka’ Bar is the place. It offers top of the shelf international brands of wines, beers and spirits. There are experts who can recommend you some exotic cocktails, never experienced before. If you have not visited Dovka Bar at Nirvana, you have indeed missed something big.

‘Kona Lounge’ offers a concept signature facility that fully meets the contemporary need for business cum personal interaction in an informal setting. The lounge has been suitable equipped with spaces and sitting style that lends itself to the desired interaction in a setting replete with modernity and style. The supporting service of refreshment and beverages of a superior efficiency is suitable cobbled with it.

Masterchef Forum

With our Master Chefs serving their specialities in finest of cuisines, we make sure that we offer you the best in taste and quality culinary delights that are bound to make you want to crave for more and more from the variety of delicacies made specifically to satiate your taste buds.