Sports & Recreation

Indoor Badminton

If you feel like you are up for a challenge, a friendly game with your family and/or friends, or just a leisurely game all by yourself, but you feel that the game should have physical health benefits too, you are more than welcome to take full benefit of our indoor badminton facilities. With state-of-the-art equipment and an ambience in which your playing will be as exciting as beneficial, you are sure to come here daily while your stay.

Billiards & Snookers

If you love to indulge in indoor games and would like to keep that practice maintained while your stay at Club Nirvana, our Billiards and Snooker rooms are just the right thing for you. Even if you have not played these games before, try them here because we make your experience highly fun-filled, with equipment that you would compel you to play, owing to the great comfort level that it carries. So come, have fun with known or even unknown people and create some unforgettable memories.

Card Room

Are you fond of having light-hearted conversations or heated debates over a game of cards? If yes, then our Card Rooms are a must for you to try. We have made these spaces ideal for the purpose, and you can enjoy with your friends or even strangers. The ambience is designed to enhance conversation, but also to help you concentrate on the game. If you are not into card-playing, then your stay here is the perfect opportunity to give it a shot; we guarantee you will not regret it and will want to come again.

Squash Court

If Squash your favourite game, you will not be able to stay here without making the most out of our world-class Squash court. If you do not play the game but love watching it and dream about playing it then you will be glad to know that here you get the opportunity to learn and have fun playing. Otherwise, if have no idea about the game, then you are most welcome to try and experience something new. For all these cases, we offer facilities that are sure to make your engagement with the game a fruitful one.

Swimming Pool

Plunge into excitement at our 10,000 sq.ft swimming pool! With separate pool for adults, go for a lazy swim or try our exotic mocktails in the sunken bar. A game of water polo with your family and friends will surely be an experience to remember. Our kids pool is the largest pool which also has an exclusive play area for your kids to enjoy.